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Listen: "Dancing with the Stars season twenty-two"

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Angela Weiss
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Dancing with the Stars season twenty-two celebrity cast season twenty-two on the big one ruckus and I've never seen one episode of Dancing with the Stars but I'm watching I know it is as soon by the way don't think about sending any of these anymore get wild cards or any can drive graduate toward card to the kid we just talk too quick sure Gold Mr cool he's Fred because they will be tossed two two please do not send fan mail to any address non that you'll have done on thing will be sign and a love it's going to be toss that's because George partners passed away he was the Stars you've got a legendary football player Doug Flutie but he was second in commodity a football legend Doug Flutie Geraldo Rivera I've been trying to partner for floating as a special short he's got a nice one to Doug Flutie and Korean a smeared off they're going to be dancing together TD personality Marlon may pulls will be on the show That's the ex wife Love once again it doesn't public and presidential nominee Donald Trump.