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Hear The Story Of 10 Starving Animals Who Were Given A New Lease On Life

Speakers- Josh Kerry, from Red Star Rescue and Veteran Equine Expert Jennifer Dunlap.

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so what was the situation DLC founded in the field with in critical condition are, actually get, and, call, chat, right, and as receive field how long did take to get the horses and you'll stabilize before you could move the matter to feel the mention to my the fluids was it was able to stand with or they two-week to do so it to separate properties too, and because this is an animal cruelty case we capsule location secret where the animals are being held after we took them out of the field we gave a twenty four hour on the clock care with Doctor down lap and her team as well as aren't star team assessed volunteers talk a little bit about the facility where you're holding them, oh, also they don't throughout the day so, you know, they were so, so they didn't actually really know what to do with the food when you give it to them