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Listen: "Since the regular football season ended"

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Christian Petersen
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Fall he's been along with other added really Trottier daughter to sell less shots by the way she she hit a three tonight for you guys that aren't especially for you'll on Over Under you've been right about and the city since the regular football season ended on my body right about nothing I know how well the Hall of Fame yesterday hard Kevin Jeff Green and Tony Dungy you guys had them in your off earliest Palmer garbage I don't really go with a garbage we haven't maybe was I like every need to one of them are you know but I say they did his practice to sit on the sidelines a silly was in this was in pitched part I don't know if it made it to you folks where you're talking about AB they were talking about that the practice squad guided got picked up for Solicitation in and they were they play throughout their what if it was Peyton Manning that got picked off the court.