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Jim VandeHei's 'Now This' Launches New Election Snapchat Channel 'We The People'

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Paul Morigi
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The data dry read that the mashed infantry of elite media has been pounding on clay on on mr trump forte ninety six hours and secretary quickness been getting a free pass as they work for wraps joyner retook that you mean the mass term bought out elite musical actually it is the mass time out of their they're more like a ship distance away from donald trump do you think my talent but this is having a reverse the fact that they i mean it's just the field of free fire on trump from frank rooney and the new york times through two last night when i turned the television off after the disappointing loss the browns in overtime that dolphins it had been twenty four seven anti trump on in the pun in the world dependent is that in uniting him and get does he perhaps after this debate especially with the way honors i'm done with your lester hope that a fine job but i'm done many people you're all in the back for hiller and not doing anymore debates is that possible i don't think that's possible but i think visit your hope they could that is absolutely true that i think what it comes booter it may not be for him the prompt of all right and i'm a huge have you hats that's it i think when it you got a bullpen that with this morning that don't work one of them new three around with her two on net i think it later everybody's going to you tight end heath miller after the story stations that donald trump as if that kept filter for all but a today another seek one for the debate tonight so he's thrown some agility some innovation and their and there's a news that have channels i hope you you know listers with check out it is that's not to worry about that stuff it's never section of the people that produced after channel just about hillary and clump it from now that the great i'm i'm videos and jim bend it the porter a co founder and everyday it up but marte look at the new to the look chalked up cameo yesterday you get enjoys the packers victory and a look at quicken who go romper hillary and live your here gurley debates only the people tough everyday eulogy but it's something up that set the trick you work your smart i'm going i'm going to go i try to investigate that during a break a person a question mike allen you know my son james and james at the general manager my fantasy football team and yesterday and in the name of our tennessee football team is third rate radio host the third rate radio host should've won but he benched terrelle pryor before the game activated a loser and instead of an easy when we lost what i due to a gm i sun eli manning threw an interception minute.