The Latina Christmas Special Explained

The Latina Christmas Special is a full length play starring three female Latina comedians who share their personal stories as first generation Americans. In this interview one of the cast members Diana Yanez explains the reason behind the show.

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"All those people that I used to see on television weren't really representative of my culture or the culture of the Latinos"

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We have on the line with us three amazing Latinas and I love that they're doing this, the Latina Christmas Special because it's really about three different Latinas. And Latina and Latino does not encompass just one type, we are so diverse and all of your actual stories come from different sections and it's interesting. I think one's from Florida, the other you know, can you tell me how you guys have you know, put that together and why it's called the Latina Christmas Special? - Okay, this thing and again, the Latina Christmas Special, the "Special" in the title is an homage to all that Christmas Specials we saw growing up. You know, we all were, I basically, my babysitter was television and I realizing now all those people that I used to see on television weren't really representative of my culture or the culture of the Latinos, not just mine, I'm Cuban American and I experienced the holidays in Miami, so you know every time I saw a holiday Special there was no sun, there was no shorts, there was no chancletas. - Which is true, you don't think about that, I didn't think, well that's true you don't have any snow in Florida. - Not at all. - We're still dreaming of a white Christmas.  - I didn't see snow until I was an adult. What did you say? So yeah, so we had this, so you know, the "Special" is because you know this is a special that does represent a whole other group of Americans. There's 33 million first generation Americans and you don't have to be Latino to enjoy the show. I think part of the charm of it is that it represents all of our childhoods in the seventies and the eighties and how we saw Christmas through you know, Donny & Marie's perfect little Utah Christmas TV shows, you know, I was like, I never knew where Rudolf the Red Noise Reindeer actually lived. I was like wow that's really interesting that cotton ball world. - Right, right. - We had nothing like that, we had that stuff as plastic ornaments on our front lawns in the 90 degree shade, but you know, I think that that's part of the joy I think of doing the show is bringing, is trying to remind people that Christmas comes in many many different colors and many different forms. You don't even have to believe in the original reason for Christmas, it is a, it's about an American holiday basically.