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Listen: "When you get to the NBA level you have the strength to throw the ball"

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Joe Robbins
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You don't throw the ball cross the court now it's it's should give the young level when you're in all white ten in trouble reaching the other side of the court with the ball when you get to the NBA level you have the shrink to throw the ball crosscourt because of the problem but there's each other's things in between you when a guy you throw it to unfold other NBA players and they have a habit of reaching up a taking the ball if you tried to throw it over all five of them how many times is clear why when you do a step in and you just have to cross court pass by during an some the Thunder in the ball they will win skid eight but Kevin Durant always is twenty for OKC that's why more more shots in seven more from shots really didn't to the ballgame and again idea and we had a little controversy not as much as the last somewhere audio he didn't thirty seconds earlier that was it was Arthur who shaved into Kevin Durant's and called for the foul and just the only kind of tough way you can do it he explained he explained the old what he thought happened recall doesn't do called that's where the game is I was more concerned about the play before that with Durant shot sometimes you to call sometimes you don't it happens to everybody tough game if we get old just be is grown up a professional Gregg Popovich went on to say that grown up and pop put it into perfect perspective there a sometimes you get the goals sometimes you don't get the calls and believe it or not people.