Listen: "They have zero chance to beat the Spurs"

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Ronald Martinez
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San Antonio own set squad me and they have doozy roll outs saves as the row stance to beat the Spurs in a seven game I find it there yeah yeah I noted just signed again I think is more likely that if any buy is gonna pull an upset of your Dallas it's more likely to need this year I know about the past notably history some of this year it's more like I think that seen in Dallas would be more likely be a San Antonio team in Oklahoma City team or Golden State team they're not beating that's not saying but if they if you have those three I think is more likely to be the San Antonio Spurs team in that series is that all Como city of Golden State I mean I look at it they know right now the Mavericks heavy twelve EN twelve point lead about three and a half to play out in San Antonio so they can hold on to this lead in they've had trouble Perry got it we got lately but periodically throughout the year in holding on to lead late in the fourth quarter we've seen some ridiculous meltdown to that well I have been playing with their their playoff lives on the line with two games to play but I will say this If they were the were to somehow blow this lead and lose this game out there in Utah I would also not be surprised to see them lose to San Antonio's Bennett which is possible that's Ok it's an until it was only the Dallas Mavericks oblique why he's taking the bits of San Antonio with the regular the Dallas Mavericks will see right now doused lead in Utah eighty-eight eighty that game late in the second half of the Freddie coma sort mean it's that Simmons on ESPN Radio you can reaches anytime you want that's a police state ESPN eight eight eight seven two not three seven seven six as I mentioned Jazz behind Dallas eighty eighty two forty-two remaining lost in the hole final spot in the Western Conference That playoff run over Golden State is going to try to do a couple nights from now set a little history.