Listen: "Much-anticipated return of the Golden State Warriors"

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J Pat Carter
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Are getting to the conference finals right now but to have it on a Saturday I mean smacked added a middle of your weekend Wow but on Sunday of course you have the Sharks taking on the us it was Blues you have that to look forward to and over the NBA's side of things the much-anticipated return of the Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors and no no game here on Saturday it's weird she got The Warriors taking on The Oklahoma City Thunder team shocked the world one they took down San Antonio I mean if you to violent fourteen that last game made it I want to say seem easy wow I mean it's crazy Housley knots to be able to see that that heat Raptors game is what comes your way on Sunday on Monday it so Golden State's hosting Oklahoma City she still have the Eastern Conference finals Scott aware that we haven't started that series until the East played two more games they wanna catch things up they don't want you to be too far behind Cleveland of course awaits the winner of Miami and Toronto ways they've played went three of those six games now so over time it's been impressive thus far to be able to watch deadly said center taking the shooting given that what you know it's also entertaining some Major League Baseball as we had for you watched us fifteen matchups on this play every team in action Friday Saturday Sunday that's what you gets in Major League Baseball that's your rules their Giants I have now put together four wins in a row heres whats interesting to watch tell you in just a moment year but Buster Posey just the solid and is consistent as it comes is there a better Catcher in the game defensively off sensibly altogether or so I'd like to know who to get set again the throw Posey trying to get better.