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Listen: "Us stocks racked up knew all time hardy's" DOW

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Andrew Burton
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To be in the forefront everyone's mind immediately oh play they'll be more forthcoming about about more details of what happened here strange sacking story thinks warren us stocks racked up knew all time hardy's and the dow jones industrial average ended fewer than a hundred points away from that twenty thousand marcus a post election rally showed no signs of fatigue how higher rate so could be coming back to america the federal reserve is expected to raise it's key interest rate tomorrow it would be only at second rate hikes since two thousand sex the first was back in december of two thousand fifteen what does this mean if the rate hike occur wish misha block with us registered investment advisor mitch what do you think if they popping up a little but i'm looking at the fed bun future's right now ninety one percent chance of ike tomorrow i think that kind of in the bag isn't the but that's the kind of what you that you know these rate ever come flower waste lower than anyone predicted you and i were on the other side of the coin now i'm looking at that time futures george and they perk thing yes thing not counting tomorrow tight but one more height but you think two more i ten chilly but you know next year i'm a take the other and of the coin again and they i don't think they're going to fight that battle i've got a okay here in front of me right now ten year treasury old rhythm almost a hundred basis points one full percentage point in september gonna mortgage market this question will we've got a all kinds of detroit here george i can't figure out with trump is going to do and i don't think anyone can i'm not even sure he knows himself some of this play was have been good been questionable but you know he is and gauging china here in a trade war of people agree with some people not you've been gauging are ran which i heard you know on your show here right he came on we've got all kinds of straight in your out george i don't they but i'm a big zach leiper paired promote why it's not a does not to tie mish thank you so much we'll see what happens tomorrow alien.