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College Basketball

Jim Boeheim, hall of fame coach, gives his opinion on the tournament run

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Yeah Jim and then coach legendary coach's Syracuse was a guest of them Patrick Show in be CSN earlier on Monday and he games his opinion what was is realistic expectations of this tournament run but also for the BJ I thought we The Colts and they just two years ago I thought he'd be a close I think it were they were but a point I thought Michigan State would obviously like everybody would be Middle Tennessee and I've seen Michigan State put him in eight times a sure I didn't think we could beat them it was Noah's as a coach you always think you can win but realistically I would have been happy with being again andong lose to the Michigan State King and this is being honest and a lot of people word I think that was going to happen I know I had in my bracket Syracuse over Dating Michigan State over Cirque years and maybe it's it's fair to say that Syracuse got a little lucky here if you look at the road that they had to the Final Four Syracuse had to get past Middle Tennessee also it's the beginning Middle Tennessee instead and then Virginia when the ball win against Virginia they deserve to get to the Final Four by beating Virginia that was a tough test and they come from sixteen points down to get the victory incredible victory a look at the half for Oklahoma then the easy matchup in the first round getting by Bakersfield then they beat TCU Texas save them and origin that's all the way you look at the one with easy matchup against UNC Asheville in the first round but then they get by Iowa Miami and the number one overall seed in six North Carolina which had DEZ opening match up against Florida Gulf Coast then had to be Providence and a lot of any player in first on Indiana with their All-American you'll be feral and the top ACC opponent in Notre Dame before getting to the final four it's It's not even or get it sure accuses to the Final Four is the easiest of all for of these teams now there's that made it good them because maybe they haven't been tested as much as the other schools but they have been tested they were down nine points to go with six minutes left in a came back and won it would damn sixteen points the Virginia and they came back and won yeah they got lucky playing Middle Tennessee instead of playing Michigan State and yeah I guess they got lucky playing can sag as opposed to playing the three seed in Utah even the six you've seen Hall but Sherrick ish you look at everything they've been through this season this is a similar role story this is actually in the role story well it continue on Saturday against the number one seed North Carolina.