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WWII Navy Vet: The Moment I Realized We Were At War

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what was the first incident are moment that really told you, yeah I really him in a war problem that so pinata, still there to take Macarthur back in everything and that's one firsts discovered the comma causing when he first started that yeah, first a Shanna Mona bowed out for last kind of my in that blew up when we couldn't figure out what's going on some an awful careless how close was that to a hero dished, in the rear, I don't know how many yards we still see the vessel and are you top side for that's an out I was out as much as I can ever be, no matter where was had yeah I step cops night on the flight deck at night I take my leg and carry top citing the Wing of the plaintiff sleeper per night to spice and Kole Lind, the mess with it but anyway then, nate Davis, behind the city got hit yeah then all slow come up from that kind them, then in an on me well, we can get shot, they can get blown up or there times where you were confronted with loss of life or maybe semi your guys planes didn't come backer storied out Monday but they would even crash on the deck no inside, are the plenty gear one pardon me on one part and start where to say they're a month ago arced off and those kind of things it was very disturbing then that become Harry when you come back there just to flip hole in the Winger something you think Wow led Devil the flying that thing and I was tops idle a timeout Chi shoes I was changed, more than optimist, cook I had a lot of friends because that he would be friend with guys try to C.J., but that's but, and especially if they want seconds yeah, you know you try to be good didn't, I was tough tight because I enjoyed it when I was too and it was but I enjoy doing what I was doing I felt important so I was top title of time that when I had a chance and when they lock mean compartments said all a battle going on here just little pity stuff from it, you not privileged to hockey culture here sometime You don't know what's going on so you just you'd just there you hear something you think well we didn't hit any Lang because it's not out here so what did we hit that hard, had to be a submariner or something, are one of our own lost control, and steered right into so you don't know so it's a guessing game but that I think was soon receive part he just didn't know what was going to happen so you much preferred being able to see and experience that is just like you get in that type room e news Canucks French that there's no way to keep can imagine the feeling of being upside done backward, and then you care Guice comeback, come back comeback in the should put Kanter right and they're ready to share the act, , waist true, and you take all I'm not to fill the scared grown personnel and ending part grown yet,