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Listen: "Steve Kerr may have played his starters a little more than he wanted to"

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Ronald Cortes
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One I wanted to play Thompson was on able to get a good shot to track the rebound out of the right corner and in Week three Warriors flying out of China shot a fade away off balance shot so the two shots they got the final eight seconds really worked what Memphis was hoping for net situation was Steve Kerr may have played a starter is a little more than he had wanted to Green played thirty-five plate Johnson played thirty five and a half and Steph Curry played thirty-four minutes in this ballgame but remember he said the limit was around thirty-two minutes so he was on their any made that decision after timeout with them trailing by ten to go for it and that sets up a battle against San Antonio of course on Sunday night How do you beat The Warriors will be either turned the ball over they did Midnight the an eleven or they simply don't shoot well that was the case tonight when Thompson and Curry combined just five of twenty-four shooting from three but nonetheless they win this ballgame without their best stuff and now it's the San Antonio Spurs and their way and I don't care how many times we say it Cav when you look on looking at the stat sheet in right next the Golden State Warriors is a parentheses or that says seventy won in nine of assuming that seventy-one means they have one seven I want to regular season games that is absolutely impossible to do seventy want a night with two games left and thirty-three.