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Blockchain Technology, Explained

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Robert Cianflone
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Avenue to invest in that kind of technology i know what's no there's not a whole lot of information on the internet with guarding it but what gifts exceptional some some explanations on homework something you know that ledger but what would be the best approach for an individual the try to capitalize on a neck and technology will only in directly for the most part at this point many backup in explain to people what blocked chain technology is because it is very numerous votes are unfamiliar with that even though i talk about a little bit on the program over the past couple of years a lot of folks avert a big point this is a new digital currency a lot of folks of heard of that coin most of never attempted to use that are really have any experience with that double what people even the few who have heard of but coin what most don't realize is that the underlying technology that allows bit according to exist is the block chain and the blocked chain is what's called an open ledger in other words instead of a bank having a private ledger of your accounts transactions the watching as an open ledger its available for all the world to city and what industry is beginning to realize is that the block chain can be use not merely for financial transactions you doing your banking but it can be used for any transaction you you should be able to buy springsteen tickets via the block chain you want to be able to put your or mortgage on the block chain you there was even one couple last year who put their wedding bowels on the block shane their merits certificate is on the block change the advantage of the blocked chain from a technological perspective is that it's open source meaning it's fully transparent it is impossible to delete all turf lose any of the data that flair so it's not then took a shame system that many are saying can revolution audi's business and commerce and it's getting a lot of attention from government's all around the world as well as the banking industry all around the world so it's very exciting technology but as you noted.