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Listen: " The Jets first, then the Vikings"

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Danny Moloshok
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It involves a George Michael's latest release but I'll tell breakout bill was bubble gum as opposed to just hang on and his lazy boy but above made Jagger anybody else over seventy keeps doing what they now I understand that but again the stone to do the same thing they've always been doing it I don't now just maybe because I idolized him so much you don't let me down here All Ball do a sports one Brett Farve Brett Farve I used to think and even when they play the Lions I love watching him play because he was ready he would get defensive alignments pace and Linebacker spaces he was ready and it wasn't the whole retirement thing when a goal in the league Vikings or the Jets first with twenty-two first believe the Jets first then the Vikings right all of that I am retiring every time even when he was memory had the play conviction years crying and Rose conference the head the guys got eyeballs on his side then to the guy I had an addiction but when Michael stray hand went to tackle him but what was buzz but do tend to second for the racquet which is what twenty-three at the time i believe and Brett far basically just felt like a really really it was so smooth all my guy and Michael Strahan almost helped him to the ground it was them Michael straight had to be bad that's how I get my record-breaking sack by Brett Farve falling down and I'm convinced Brett Farve did it as he wanted to be part of that record so I'm convinced of it but everything after that was just sort of DB his serve became a DB I promoted wears Reimer's he's Ok and his friend's played football yeah so that better denied Brett Farve around now the Wings let people down last night on the win to say I would say did let themselves bounce don't make you know what when the Wings point a finger three more pointing back a man than they came out is bad in the first period as the Pistons will are in the first half of their game against Washington on Monday in the Wings the situation is your up by three points your opponent has two games in hand appointed standing yeah you're in their building and you have to come out and play the alarm did not get off I don't know what the hell happen he said you may they played Ok in the beginning but then everything turned around when Philly broke a scoreless tie gobble up win again left circle ruffle in about a minute may have later rebounds from the top of the play.