Listen: "Alright Andrew Bogut is with us this morning"

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Ezra Shaw
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This spring to the torn Min update is brought to you by spring you have to be a man of the Hall there you grinning and to determine the bay when in the Big East turn amid lock in all Bill a mobile what a great game that wasn't a huge lead and had to hold on their Indy and what they're just explained in the Midwest that will play guns odd that I would not be an easy task apart to lead by but tacklers sophomore Isaiah White is averaging more than eighteen points again sprints new will offer is out of this world find out how you can save fifty percent on a new Samsung galaxy as seven and get an upgrade every year forever visit sprint dot com slash G as seven two day alright Andrew Bogut as with us this morning Andrew bogus is got an update for us right now Meadows quickly Bryans this is from Mike it's that pronouncing exactly what it either Zagreb is there does sagged not as always remember that well mob as that's exactly might move that Garth their Mike of the schedule in alone lose take a break from what everything you pretty much yes that Sam do Seth Curry almost scoring his New Age last night various another streak that drive up the not very guarded by Ryan Anderson Perry does takes a three we're in a Met who is the DA did roomed Warriors rate in saying that two later in the calling is of course there's another three that ends with a corps or Why not I think was for that was carried twenty-seven points on his twenty eighth birthday the promise is not to get lazy it is all the picking him better as the mission and now never be satisfy with you know where I'm at hours when I find different ways improves Golden State reaching the sixty win plaid so fast than anyone else with a one twenty-five one oh said the decision over New Orleans They also extend their NBA record home winning streak to forty nine games the Jazz down the Cavs ninety-four eighty-five OKC hammered Portland one twenty-eight ninety-four the Bulls a one on One oh seven win in Toronto Miami outscored Denver won twenty-four one nineteen Washington's smoke Detroit won twenty-four eighty wanted and Memphis loss in Houston ones thirty to eighty one but with six regulars Audi injured and playing with three players on ten day contracts head coach Dave Yeager didn't hate that outcome and has the random numbers to prove it from are guys we Anaheim everyone shots of us you know get sixty-two shots in the paint and due to Minnesota twenty-eight often Atlanta Vince Carter and Lance Stephenson in the latest Grizzlies on the injury report away from the answered of late tournament Stanford firing.