How Climate Change And Ocean Pollution Is Affecting Dolphins

Susan Casey, author of "Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins" talks about the circumstances that are causing harm to dolphin populations.

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obviously would global warming even in, even in different regions of the net impact on fish population and on where the Fisher located, two, I think like any like also, the same way we are challenge to try to navigate within the sort of constant flux toward the or the Dolphins, yeah I be among many other challenges the bait. Are enduring an yo sugary now, including the third disperse full of Marine talk on and get it, they're the tenth of noise with going on below the surface there's a lot for them to contend with them hitter and also they're hunted, two, the new found a, a dolphin and Wale Sushi bar in tight she, but arm to their help risks associated with consuming dolphin meet beyond the tomorrow and ethical ones because a have very high levels of Mercury, all of massively I mean because a lot of the really than most pervasive chemical that are in the ocean big vying to fat so that's not why you find a lot of Mercury content they and in a fist like if hinted the thing with dolphin but even more so can they suffer summer through poisoning, yes and end so this is really unsteady it because when they're sort of carrying the body burden of toxin they it's not something that would kill them out right that it will really depressed journey in fifth to make some, but you know weaker over time, it's really, big problem in dolphin population it and throughout the feat trade now there's there's a lot of time animal watching up with it Green emaciated, you know when people without Keith think like P.D.T. dioxide and Pete C.B.'s great return protective side like all of the Chemical, for Dylan the ocean even if we fan them on land and an eight particularly fine can get that and their particularly you know file Cam me rating in the body the them over the top of the food chain like dolphins.