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Listen: "In Ohio GOP front-runner Donald Trump is taking aim at Kasich"

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I'm Alex Stein Fox News it's super Tuesday par-three with presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle campaigning heart ahead of primary soon find states and two states Florida and Ohio Governor John case it can center Marco Rubio are in need of victories to keep their campaigns afloat in Ohio GOP front-runner Donald Trump is taking aim at Casey got a case said he's not going to be a great president he's not going to be strong each week on the owners Remember when he was a congressman he signed canasta nabbed a desde ride Ohio when it's moment University pulls Casey by points ahead of front in Ohio will also showing from being Rubio by nearly twenty points on the Democratic side meanwhile Hillary Clinton also In a tight race I didn't center Bernie Sanders in Ohio I think this case had never been higher or their rhetoric on the other side ever men Lawler are George W Bush and dare only that's clear competing in the state on Djoko matters I got up this morning I thought one of my going to say that people because I have a lot of my mind then I kind to myself made the idea maybe I don't say he'll behind the voices weekdays from nine til new mobbed by the right arm by the lab and my by the media changes you nobody wants to here it to listen ways a man given the voice why is the man giving the vision of what is to come if you can't do it damn thing and I News Radio fourteen ten and fourteen fifty WI eleven W deal three seven of eleven comfy and I've played them a red going to be a cargo container and conversation starts here this is News Radio fourteen ten W deal three anti will travel Price is provided by individual station participation times made Aaron additional role of restrictions apply for the complete official ruled that IR radio dot com.