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Listen: "A man is in custody after allegedly sexually assaulting two children for years"

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Julien M. Hekimian
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In the crowd gathering crest would to discuss whether redevelop mall side deserves tip money it is imperative the details plus we've core idea clueless inches possible to Charlotte legal moment is fighting Jewish evil andwho how though we've tamed amendments for potential has top University in Missouri system officials came under criticism by state budget writers about expensive hotel stays state representative Joshua Peters of Saint Louis says he could come at least 9 nights and University official stays the rich Carl ten hotel over the past few years all using taxpayer money interim system president Mike Middleton says this is a serious situation I'm devastated rates call include your four seasons nor do I intend to protect real estate's Peter says the university systems paid upwards of nine thousand dollars for one cure rate heard a state the four seasons in the past a Belville man is in custody after allegedly sexually assaulting to children for years police say sixty six year-old Dennis pure is closely appointed but the victims extended the crimes unknown he's been charged with two counts a predatory criminal sexual assault in six counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse are came awake secular the forecast Chris game colder overnight tonight clearing late slow twenty-six high 43 on Thursday would planning of sunshine a forty six on Friday with plenty of sunshine followed by some cloud and later run I'm Alex pac-man KMOX news.