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Listen: "The Thunder's Russell Westbrook's for thirty one points"

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Andy Lyons
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The biggest nine eighty we started as the West beats the he's won ninety six for one seventy three from Toronto Kobe Bryant's last all-star David scored ten points on four of eleven from the field also went seven rebounds and six assists in a game for the Clippers all of fourteen points also went sixteen as says these was led by the Pacers Paul George's for forty one points on twenty six shots the Thunder's of Russell Westbrook's for thirty one points he won the games and PP awarded the second time in a row and was perfect won that award the Lakers with the snap a three-game losing streak they come out of the break taking on the Spurs there wasn't a forty four on the year per week sitting in the Pacific the Clippers at thirty five in eighteen of the All-Star break for off until later in the week thirteen games.