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Listen: "I think there's a very good chance the OKC Thunder could beat San Antonio in the second round"

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Ronald Martinez
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Know the Golden State game and The Oklahoma City game yeah blowouts and no one was really interested in watching it but those two teams it to two should watches I know everyone is already penciled in Golden State in San Antonio in the Western Conference finals I wouldn't be so fast to jump to the conclusion I want to be I think there's a very good chance the OKC Thunder could be chairman Tony all in the second round three in the Western Conference finals and I think every begin Golden State Ole guess what they did I want to see the Spurs probably have a better chance beating them than that when the Thunder bummed I kinda convince myself that he's pretty equal between the Spurs in a Thunder and I don't think either one of them can beat The Warriors now four times what The Warriors do know we don't want to seventy-three wins we know what Steph Curry being the first player to four hundred three pointers in a season this year by the way this season he also became the first player to three hundred three pointers first three hundred this year and within the same year he became the first edits four hundred three pointers kind of amazing but the Redskins know loudly were saying The Warriors are most proud of besides being the first team in NBA history to win seventy-three games the first team in NBA history two never to not back-to-back games maybe they only right so movie back-to-back will be tough the back-to-back and they do stick anybody twice nine different teams wants pretty impressive I said it last year and it people give me grief what I should the Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA bar none on the until he again The Warriors are the best team in the NBA bar none there's not a no question is it Don't when the NBA championship it'll be for one reason Steph Curry get certain if well I shoot it was the issue all with the Cavaliers with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving both getting hurt and hinted the remember the Kevin Love injury against the Celtics Paul is all about amid socket for you things happen they have believing I'm sure the entire Oakland I was holding their breath on Saturday as Steph Curry tweaked his ankle.