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Listen: "Logan Mankins telling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he is retiring"

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Billie Weiss
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They will play the Rays today have won all five as the Grapefruit League schedule continues revolution with the tie yesterday three three Badger against the dynamo in Houston after the Colon top it's time yesterday the home opener happened Saturday against D.C. United multiple sources saying the Patriots have or will pick up the rest of Rob Gronkowski is ten million dollar option bonus in the next couple of days Logan Mankins telling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he is retiring Mankins of course fend off of the last two of his eleven season career with the Patriots have drafted him in the first round in two thousand five Headlines brought to you by Valvoline instant oil change go to get an oil change dot com save up the fifteen dollars on your next service pronounced co-founder for the opener mobile device on Hardy in Boston's home for sports ninety eight sports are more headlines in thirty minutes.