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WWII's Female Flyers And The Hurdles They Faced After The War

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 or like after at the end of World War Two there were many of us similarities that occurred here there were you did you yeah will they yeah and thatand that's like as they winnable gender equality that be any it better they risk and among property andand then action rally because. you know the Russian and after the war and the women you know why again disservice academies money into an eighteen year what that where basically told no they they were allowed an a lot and at what a you know I am you know kind of for a lot of societal, no arms and things you know are suspended pro while right an Amy night never the same way United States do a lot of women in or you know work during World War Two end then after resurrected they've done a very difficult you know to go back into that because I think the society bases and okay you know we had a need it you filled and then you go back to your knowledge here typical you know you're you're traditional rolls as as wise another. and so it kind of understanding with the Soviet Union I mean they were really really take some time deep or they were able to you know naked in they kind of Time Warner like well McGuiness ten the women that if were absolutely desperate matters kind of their their philosophy NFC talking some of the Army Air women you know they they told me that they they're kind of perplex that American women like wants us want the flying combat an is they keep the who did and a funny i mean, they they bought it and they were they were just you know feeling NEM in been mean they were literally fighting credit survival of their country my back yeah the mail in Germany have mean and they did this many union and so they go there and then he area we in actually get and they did but they were fighting for their you know I think they're they're very line so in all the different but you know but I remember talking with them and there is an like perplex cycle when you know I know you describe elaborate you want to know you know Why would you wanna but yourselves they'll we we could be it seem like that's horse can during the war her you know planning combat so they you know can really understand why why would you want to do that unless you actually had to do