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College Basketball

Listen: "It's the reason why I have Oklahoma going to the National Championship game"

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Andy Lyons
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What I never after the game you head coach Wade but he healed best player I've seen in college basketball I've been tabbing this kid all sees in long as the best player in college basketball it's the reason why have Oklahoma go to the national championship game because I picked players in the twenty let and I'm behind body healed and I've had Oregon into people on the air I've had debates with who's one one one a whatever it is body he old scored twenty one of oklahoma's last twenty-six points only we'll nineteen of thirty-six points in the final eight minutes posted at least thirty points for the eleventh time this season somebody said on the CBS Broadcast or whatever the game was on TBS TNT true QB whatever they said body heal this twenty-five point twenty walk in the door it's true you can pencil him for twenty twenty-five points but the effort that he gave inept second half against DCU he is a special player eight five five three two three four NBC it's eight five five three to the rate four six two to its Y have Oklahoman my national championship game how fourteen but he'll take the Sooners Houser bracket looking and who do you have gone to the elite eight eight five five three two three four NBC it's eight five five three two three four six two two we were fine and ultimate NBC Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio dot com more next the Boston Red synonymous.