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Listen: "Foster is accused of conspiring to distribute oxycodone, pot and heroin"

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Status conference giving all the defendants a chance to see where they are in terms of discovery page's an page's of discovery according to his lawyer II Marshall Hodge against this case involves nineteen hundred wire tap conversations thirty six hundred pages of discovery in apparently more dit com I made a very clear to the court dead my were still working on regardless of the new discovery that's gonna come to us within the next forty six weeks I were still working on what I still had it is it's a say the Lisa very the luminous caves foster is accused inspiring to distribute dogs eco don't pot an heroin he's one of six people behind bars following an investigation by the FBI and ETF is next appearance will be on June twentieth fur another status conference no trial data spends sat outside federal court in downtown Fresno list Kern KMJ muse to the South Valley where Baker steal demand found guilty of shining a laser pointed a Kern county sheriffs helicopters been sentenced to eighteen months behind bars court documents state Jose overall cost tract aircraft one night last year causing the pilot to experience glare flash buying this and I think the sixty-eight year old actions were criticize by the FBI who say pointing the laser at any aircraft is reckless has the potential to because they catastrophic accident.