Listen: "Alan Faneca, offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets dropped a ton of weight when his career ended"

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Us to be here you know went when you come back of wins we're moving on We Are we are moving on but there's no way that even when your under contract that you're going to be able to do that anyway cause should be fine for not being in camp and all that other stuff so as I mentioned this is a very unique deal here with BJ Raji so the fact that you don't play I don't see a lot of players that you know when there at the end of their career and maybe the arc towards in their crease only twenty-nine years all right taking a year off and figure out and then set to take off whole year often come back and even heavyweight he's got to be careful I know hallway exactly for an often sublime buried deep Reds unlikely out that's going to be even harder nine scene and you never see the guy looking gs Ackley the same when he leaves the game the next year it either goes wanted to ways weekly blown up or who was all the way they never in the same Shane I've seen guys out for example a lot Matt Burke of the Minnesota Vikings dropped a tomahawk of weight after his playing career Allen fan it got offensive linemen for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the New York Jets dropped a ton of weight when his career ended mean you've seen other guys who've just completely blown up and and that that's probably I mean i would do that I would lose weight after you blow guided the sun keying huge yeah Times ten it's one of the quarterbacks or running backs in the receivers they get Bigger and the live Mcginn smaller well retirement for the most part what's because I mean that it's pretty easy though to figure that out though because the these guys that worried always had to be in tip-top shape their entire lives I want to take a breather in Rising Ok find I don't need to be working out every minute every day and I'm going to do what I want to be where the linemen are like my body took a beating I had to stay at a certain level I had to eat six thousand calories today and I want to leave a long healthy lifestyle gonna drop some weight alright.