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The Key To Getting Millennials To Invest 

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Chung Sung-Jun
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Okay so i want to discuss this millennial thing because the key to getting women's to invest is that avila strikes and we just talked about should've years twenty is illustrates was basically a hundred fifty bucks a month notes on a monday for twenty three year old it's not a lot of money for thirty three year old is less money for forty three on typically right if you never and by the way that's assuming he would never putting in more from month away the two have a night getting them to do it would mean taking another paycheck before they can see it i'm assuming tonight outside thirty seven fifty a weak is what it comes down to thirty seven fifty a week that's the doesn't seem like a lot of money on a nation helps the more you can ana made something like that the more likely someone has to rain so so do this so it's alex is that kind of how bigger investment bankers and and money managers come to teach that lesson is out is that how you do it you know its starting investors absolutely gonna start small you have the regular you have to set himself up for success can use but what you're save the purse this as i don't have any money i got five hundred dollars child is this person twenty three years old you know can use the damage should they be save in a about a deal before they star yeah i mean listen i'm gonna tell someone to save even if it's a dollar didn't have it isn't working out going to the gym he got to do a little bit if you wanna end up with elias start what do you tell those millennials understanding and i've uses before that faded hope and saints poster.