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Comedian Joey Medina: 'I Was Totally The Class Clown'

Comedian Joey Medina talks about why he wanted to be a comedian and why he was the funny guy in high school.

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" I realized girls like the guy that's funny and I liked girls so I'm thinking okay let me be as funny as possible."

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We have some Instagram questions that you know when we announced that you're going to be on here and I have to say from I am Brenda Florez, Brenda asked, well she said, Joey Medina is so funny ask him if he was a class clown growing up and what made him become a comedian and ask him how he gets his cheerful attitude. - My cheerful attitude, well my cheerful attitude is completely fake. - okay - In the public world I got a smile and I'm happy but in my real life I'm grumpy and depressed. I'm just kidding. Actually yes on the first question I was totally the class clown. I was actually really shy except when I was around people I knew, so when I was in a classroom I was always joking around and then early on at an early age I realized girls like the guy that's funny and I liked girls so I'm thinking okay let me be funny as possible so I was always the biggest flirt in school and I was always the funniest guy. - okay. - And so what made me want to be a comic was literally, I was always a comedy fan, I never thought I would do comedy as a child I thought that you needed like special powers to become a stand up comedian that you need to be a special kind of person and I definitely didn't think I had that but I just you know I wanted to hang out with comics but I started doing open mics just so I could hang out with comedians to become a comedian but you know one thing led to another and I decided hey you know I could start my life all over again I think I'm going to become a comedian.