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The Struggle For Cyber-Security: Charlie Mitchell On The Pros And Cons Of The Connected World

Charlie Mitchell is author of 'Hacked: The Inside Story of America's Struggle to Secure Cyberspace'.

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cyberspace is kind of taken over our economic lives or personalized everything is in a related, computer connected, there are weeks regulators are connected to the electric greeted bitter connected to computer network since March systems throughout throughout the country, Karns are getting smarter there you know the whole process of developing so driving cars what Thomas Pierre Paul's play-calling, this is all part of cyberspace and the thing that the security produce will tell you is cleared each one of these some really wonderful technological innovations also creates a new attack surface that's what they call it, there are new owner abilities that are being introduced that we never even, lot of people for, obviously you might worry about your credit card number getting swipe to be steep being picked up in somebody's stealing that number now that they've is being sent somewhere it's going to be here people are scheming it, literally right out of the Year and so the whole question is how we can coupled this massive terrific innovation and economic growth Weeden security so the people aren't getting ripped off an even worse every step of the way and some of the majors defended are out there Co, we beyond that packs that we're about where they get into a retailer and they get credit card numbers, and they create a lot of problems for people, but those problems are open ultimately manageable some of the things that we think about in cyberspace and that Security professionals think about, or do is go for that guy he's whoever they may be getting into the electric power grit or they get into the communication system