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HUNTER's Elk Leather Is 'The Softest Leather You Will Ever Touch'

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I mean just really really beautiful beautiful college and Nash stuff is very very cool different than what I've seen on and everything is made you deflated that the craftsmanship is incredible, now for people that loves real lather that is really where the company began and they had beautiful Al leather Collison leash is and other types and they have Vlade throws about the different styles who had because they really I mean you look at them in you can tell there really beautifully Nate and Hunter's famous far at their leather callers and really making high quality, Hardy callers in Germany a different innovative material so our top of the line is out clad there and it's the softest lather you'll ever types so beautiful three or dot where also beautiful to hold in your hand the leash is our so so often also very strong and there really tying pieces, for your dog Ott but then you know we also have Napa leather Knapp Bell mother is a very as hard wearing lather very easy to clean very low maintenance and add them we also have leather West adds and stick chain, I mean you've got beautiful beautiful sort of invalid Sherman's on on some of these Collison leash is so we can people find Hunter to buy, so are Fort Lauderdale star in Fort Lauderdale gallery and that's a great location and it's now available across the United States, we are, in various stores in the Teague's, as the us on It's wonderful I didn't realize that so if people aren't in Fort Lauderdale line and a lot of you know my listeners aren't going to be in flight landed out where chemical online to find it in a particular area or shop online, we have a website Cobb Hunter North America dot com and if you go there as you can either clock rather here in the states or even Canada, and we will helped direct you to the closest Hunter