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'Independent Voters Are More Pessimistic About The Economy' According To One Survey

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Paul Zimmerman
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The findings among democrats republican than in the diamonds in the comments were the most likely dictate and like it comfortable with their doubt compared to a year ago at the other groups the number looking about the end of the court they say walk loss on the so you know it with a number thing to me know a lot about the broadway said you know that bad they d like into davis their job security mind they made a couple appeared so enjoyment across the board you know toward being a dumb how did it well when they're not worth and so what's the difference a when you compare the independence too those who identifies republicans are democrats you know democrats whether were the most optimistic about their bryant twos they welcomed little bit baiting than other groups it's not worth on that the security overall it's really improved we're going to work mistake weather i thought in the third you know that day jd that word they worry about their job security home don't you know that there's no just about the number fisher yeah i miss in toronto's probably people are done you know when they let one of them apart in the right out them about them are likely to be all yeah you know retain public and likely but the really reminded that third to speak with kloss bell senior analyst at bank great dot come the got a new serve it says independent voters are more pessimistic about the economy even more so than republicans for democrats so the statistics or these findings would be most alarming to which presidential candidate well i think you know karns camp i'm so proud he'll be really worried it then that they're going to quit like it since and you know that ned i think a policy in it well and then donald trump's you know that she's been corey brock about what you not quite an incumbent but but almost and people are killing negatively about their by mentions and you know they're turning to blame you got the right out for that we're not good nine good news for you know again it from the party and the present yet as it is right now as things cause cost del senior analyst that thank rate dot com thirty minutes now after the hour on this morning america's first news this is day to day wilson host of great encountered and you're listening to am fourteen twenty wi amassed the talk of the south shore being him fourteen twenty wr ems local sen joe donnelly recently spoke to w ims about a reason award he received i was privileged to get an award from the small business organization because we want to make sure we always have a vaulted his back these year.