Listen: "According to visas research baby boomers will continue to drive consumer spending for the next five to ten years" BUSINESS REPORT

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You news time for fifty five now became lined up when you business report from bloomberg business here's katherine calories gray's in new black that's the word from beating insights about baby boomers according to visas research baby boomers will continue to drive consumer spending for the next five to ten years one percent to all the after spending what's going on in united states right now it's by those people that are fifty plus wayne best to be does chief economist says although the fifty plus crowd accounts for most consumer spending in the us only five to ten percent of the add dollars are devoted to them and some of the trend their surprising according to best roughly forty percent of eases credit card shopping is done online it's only a little bit last for those are seventy thirty percent they have smartphones they have computers and they are shopping on this as like millennials baby boomers or spending money on experiences and they're spending habits or changing requiring martinsen retailers to adapt the best has a message for advertisers these as research shows baby boomers will continue to lead the consumer spending charge and they should not be overlooked i'm katherine calgary bloomberg business for a wideout even years radio business reports on kao i w news radio a twenty five and fifty five after the our lineup we get news time for fifty six est in new jersey is pumping two point seven million dollars into a jersey shore town to help pumped out flood waters when the weather turns stormy okay why w's david matt has details who can stop mother nature but you can't help.