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Listen: "The first official game for LA Rams players occurs this weekend"

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Stephen Dunn
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The first official game per LA Rams players occurs this weekend Hindi NFC NFC Pro Bowl Todd Gurley representing de LA Rams the Honda contingent started looking forward to his new home and a bye is that they did just you know his hat trick out more Duffy and decided Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald drafted on opposite sides for the Rams Johnny also going again as if on there me reports servicing the VA San Diego Chargers approaches landing in Orange County fur perspective new headquarters an Training Center that could be used for an awful moved to well length Meanwhile the Raiders are researching other plans in him not only be area but also elsewhere all the rumors also rampant about San Antonio officials could be in Las Vegas and students Rondae discussed a possible signed with the Raiders executives in the city police reports Jason goal for and that this is something that is not only a very real possibility but is not a smoke screen for the San Antonio.