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Radio Host Mark Davis: This Is Why There Shouldn't Be A Minimum Wage

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The mere existence of a minimum wage is an offense tip about just an offense to conservatism it is an offense to Liberty it is an offense to freedom it is non no of government's as miss brought jobs charge it is not what what salaries people put up it is no job of government to determine what businesses pay people at any level for anything you know how much it takes to say that and the next time you hear some Chowder had say nobody could live on seven twenty-five in our you're not supposed to live won seven twenty-five in our if you are you know forty and had three kids at all make in seven twenty-five in our there's something wrong in your life that is not You know McDonald's fault all right something has gone horribly wrong in your life either try to raise a family a three on the minimum wage looked back in the mayor look back along the path you walk find some decisions that maybe you should've made a little better the good news is you can start to make better decisions now improve yourself train yourself do some things work a couple a job do what you've got to do you know how to make more than minimum wage getting and be good you'll be shocked how fast you'll be making more you he it in today's world of of a vast ineptitude under motivated underperforming things if you walk into building Andy building accounting firma burger King anything in between you walk in and you've got to work ethic and you treats people with respect and you dress well and you groom well and you respect people and you treat the language well when you act right and you do right you will climb of that Ashe deeper of your departed colleagues that piece well you make more money so there are going to be a few of these I thoroughly expected maybe more than a few of these for only conservative moments from Donald Trump and if at any point in that you hit well if used user the Sabres Hillary that but there are so many on which they are nothing like Hillary that still makes the choice more mostly easy one eight hundred five duo one two three four one eight hundred five two hope one two three four.