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Listen: "It's really impressive what John Elway has done as an executive"

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Sandy Huffaker
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It's really notable It's really impressive what John Elway has done as new executive so many players like to think that they could be called in front office guy but so fewer really able the doing an really so fewer able do it well Matt Millen are are are are I could be the GM I'll draft a wide receiver every year until I get it right failed miserably Martin Mayhew a decent NFL career but just fired by that very same organization Ozzie Newsome excellent general manager Ozzie Newsome a Hall of Fame tight end he'd be exception John Elway since he took over the last four years has been we AFC is a one or two seed every single season The Broncos haven't won any Super Bowl in that time so they're not consider the way the Patriots were considered But the Denver Broncos since they acquired Peyton Manning at by the Vinie one or the two seed every year meaning they get a body and a whole playoff game or two Every year for four years an the first year with the John Elway Tim table year where they won the division in an won a playoff game Still who knows how that have been there but it happened John Elway has been an incredible executive incredible and you look at these acquisitions they've mainly Donna through free agency Peyton Manning TJ Ward DeMarcus where Emmanuel Sanders they have gone down the list and found a really great players as free agents which is very rare in today's in a Felton not builder the draft by the way airing mentions on Twitter DA he forgot the twentieth the twenty eleven Green Bay Packers one fifteen one that's right that Packers He went 15 a one loss the divisional round the Giants team that won the Super Bowl that here and accident listing the ones that clean made it to a conference title game that's true fifth in a one Packers they were won an die Alright let's kickoff will game time here beats Utah leads show who really what we flying today you should go there to claim psyche today Trade a great core enact will play in sight I knew the show time since Ivy NFL captured the audio Peyton Manning telling Bill both take this is most likely his last radio pains brother Eli weighed in today But there were defeated the bears they were not you thought about a bigger you're gonna feel remainder either be a reader tutor greater go out where do you see Peyton Manning working next season i am seeing a little over Linebacker I am the seeing 80 strong in the semi bald head coach I am seeing the CBS sent that sports Scott that's Bill tower I am seeing Peyton Manning only NFL On CBS said three games next year I think I had thought had he lost the Super Ball for the AFC title game he might come back first one song but when he told the bell a check and made the field on Sunday this could be my last road Yeo that these said a lot I think Peyton is going out on the horse proverbial Leah ands I guess literally is well since the Broncos figuratively post up on Sunday he It's Game Time neck son speaking of last radios Calvin Johnson's agent bus Cook said yesterday the mega Trump still has not decided they're not gonna retire you see Calvin Johnson actually retiring magic 8 balls cloudy on the ice I see a deep scoring Calvin Johnson eight torn mega trying his heart still wants to play football his body those telling him walk away and is a brain is going at this release socks because of all the Lions But the vision is yeah so I think I think Calvin Johnson will play in next year I think it's a little premature wore I know the losing is God I know these coaching over halted gotten to almost you know the body has affected m but I I do see Calvin Johnson It's a little too early I think.