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Listen: Did not wanna give Tom Brady the ball back we knew we were gonna scored

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Christian Petersen
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Here's what he said it took us time because we number one did not wanna give Tom Brady the ball back we knew we were gonna scored We knew we had time outs in time oh boy would even go at that idiot seat this really Let's hope is finds a way to correct that I don't think there's any debate this expects formation wha's in bounds read about completely indeed they in bounds and slash the barrels could we put a those last and say as a nine Due to tweak the game with both the greatest years hopefully go home the hottest words and hopefully doesn't really believe this biggest be does eagle fans clamoring for chipped helping raise his that sees oh yeah this isn't interesting what about her final my answer get so after multiple violation the the substance abuse policy love it will so most recently alcohol not actual twelve's we think Josh Gordon sat out the entire season but officially foul for reinstatement so we know when he's on any he's played Ebola are twenty thirteen Levy NFL displayed despite playing just 14 game which is amazing found out of bounds for moving the whole Boulder in the next three seasons he has not played in about a season and a half i'm going to say in bounds cause I think is gonna get reinstated maybe not this year because I think the D wide may have a negative come a patient pace in the negative connotation to the commissioner so it may not happen but I do think you'll be reinstated X three years which means he he is a ball Larry Bird With the quarterback is in Cleveland and will make the Pro Bowl I wanna say and bounces well against the goes through storm the football but got infinite trust in huge Jackson to make sure that we effort is gets at the hands of a helpful player what he's mentally right You gotta hoping matured and get open grew up and he really look in the mirror and he realizes just yeah how finite his career has become before the EU why hello the story behind acre but I think it matters put him in this case Mary Kay Gabbert was reportedly he was doing extraordinarily well I think you've got a Florida three have a gift is life back in the water so hopefully that's taken the consider racing giving you know he seemed like a good kid produces a ticket to the the the the the the the starter this week agree that listen out of me the same countless an Mary Kay is probably the best Browns reporter out there I think of the greatest so yeah with of you have those you have Port's He's doing so well you have to believe what a seam on the field of thuggery but given the day he has a got lit the tell the trouble which I think.