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Listen: "So far this season, the Pistons last night just got jack hammered"

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Rob Carr
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Twelve seventy am side hockey game tonight right ticket huge wings in Philly seven thirty Anthony Matt that making his NHL debut tonight at twenty-one goals for the Griffins so far this season the Pistons last night just got yeah cameras Tony would say graceful won twenty-four to eighty one to the Washington Wizards it's like they did even show up and your battling for a playoff spot now they're Al temporarily because of what happened last night absolutely disgrace but the Pistons owner is not a disgrace Tom Gores I'm is Flint now group they're having a telephone right now on RW D IV debut D average and not try to raise money and Harry can help me hockey for the Flynn kids the Flint now foundation in Gore's says they will pledge a million dollars to match hotter the telephone does if you wanna make it his eight forty-four flint kids that's eight four four Flint kids excellent good job IW D be and Tom Gores we have some more tickets X on train Rex is going one three six Murray score Ret whatever happened him he's just off the railing that for a while on the ice although he got to get a rest.