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Mike Gallagher On Illegal Immigration

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Mike Gallagher
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Other Evans, or though, well the national instantly Holland camper new nailed on one the joint this time by safety Eric Reid we came out with taking the new to try show more respect to the men and women that fight for this country, The Browns reaction was not entirely, meanwhile in another game in Oakland California another player Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Lane also sat out the anthem in solidarity with Capra Nick I'm very happy I'm very proud of him for doing that, happ or Knicks ongoing protesting the same night is a lavish ceremony to honor the military here in San Diego its home court to the majority of the Pacific fully Capra to join the applies when service members were saluted the media painted this, on anti mayor Kane and size, Manning Women of the military and that's not the case at all the message is the police brutality is a huge name that needs to be addressed This Week photo surfaced showing the quarterback wearing socks with cartoon pitting stressed is Foley's, he responded Thursday on Instagram, I wore the socks because the Rome cops not only put the community in danger, but also put the cops that have the right intentions endangered, bad captain exposed is already prompted allowed, and on the day, it's a Stanley disrespectful to me playing football infamy doing that if you can only stand up here country Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster spoke with Capra Nick in shares his frustration just because we drink out of the same water fountains people think. It's over wasn't because that Philly on a day-to-day basis but my stances to support an American Cohen a very American Bank, about the Collin pepper Nick story to me, leaps to the Americans spirit of having a conversation with dialogue of debate and it's important have this conversation there there's no there's no question that, we can we should have that conversation about, police, about the the accusation of unfair treatment that's Ok I mean all on somebody who's pro police and you know that but I don't want to be a turn a blind died people who have a deep concerned about the way the justice system treats them about the way police are treat treat individuals that's a good conversation but let's just thus put on the table, this is a guy who absolute Lee, who has who were first a police officer just pigs, no other way around that, guys wearing socks with police officers it with the pick faced with the with a with the police officers hat on and I mean, and that's a statement that he'd best this young man chooses to make, I also don't want to minimize, the damaged that he has to know he's doing, to his career and whether we'd like it or not that's a bold sort of, I'm brave thing to do he has to know he's gonna pay a heavy price for all of this, and I'm I'm trying not to be, oblivious to that as as contempt to wishes I feel. As discussed it is Ryan was somebody referring to a police officer, a man or woman who pushed their life on the line for their community every day, as a pig, as disgusting as I'm is that has as chicken, as that makes me feel, I have crying real hard, understand where this guy is coming from why he's doing what he's doing, and and acknowledging that were having a conversation again, that is been in the forefront and that is the role of the police in our communities in what to do about I saw video last night online out of Houston, there was a cop killing, a black motorist on the side of a highway, captured on dash cam The White caught trying to talk to the guys in the open doorway and this, I'm starter say this I don't mean to be disrespectful to the dead but this dumbing, gun choose Carr to try to fully from the officer while the officer is stuck in the doorway hanging on for jeer life on a crowded highway in Houston, all the officer could do was polite as got to shoot the guy and killer, the officer was really get killed, now their approach eschewed Houston, over this police shooting because the grand jury should were not one tight this cop, the Cup was trying to save his life, and why this guy is trying to should read away and Kilwa Copp and escape, that's a bad guy, and then people get show. And they're protesting in Houston we protesting you would've been protested of the officer got crushed, and and run over by the car as he's hanging on for jeer life trying to get this guy traffic ticket for driving without a tale lighter whatever was he was pulled over for this stuff has got to stop, and we caught up shot pretending that it's always The Police officers fault and to call police officers bigs as column cap or Nick has done, she was hardly productive to me, Colin Kap or Nick is gonna pay a heavy price, with the boycotts with the lack of endorsements maybe losing his job, in my from where I ship he's gonna deserve everything that he has coming to, one eight hundred six five five might feel free to way and if you follow this thing at all of this controversy Joyner sure on the might Gallagher sure eight hundred six five five six four five three eighteen minutes before the our Matt maybe issued to flick and I'm trying to be tempered I'm trying to be balanced I'm trying to be a objective, I'm doing my best to see were somebody else's coming from the Trump thing, I wanna spent some time on this today too, I feel such just connect between some of my friends who are against romp, and how I feel about the need to stop Hillary so I'm trying to address that just connect with life in general, we'll be. Rival philosophical and appreciate difference is that I had with other people and try harder to see where other people are coming from Christina you're on the my calendar show Hey Christina welcome aboard, my guy, the only time on Twitter, all good, great to have that here your voice thanks for joining this Kristina, one is wondering if the eight employee so much them why don't need protest and escorting them out, various games in places they have together in a place have to be their he'll certainly turn to a police officer if somebody threatens him now Loney, and that clean I mean then that's one of the contradiction is that that that I have that we have to have over folks who hate The Police the way they do they they hate The Police and yet we're going to turn to The Police because they're the there that thin blue line there the one place you can turn when there is a problem, and and and when you need help these are men and women who run to the problem not away from it, these are here relic noble people, and two to constantly she them be denigrate did and attacked and referred to a can all you need to know about column Capra Nick, is he refers to them, , as pigs, thank you they've been fan, thanks Jen, and explore Horsemen first in myself, for five years and , I do think that, even the calling a an all the cause. His derogatory and I hope you can appreciate might stance on that, because they are out there, we should support them than everybody that believes the knee officers, should Have then blue line painted after I like I will continue to support them every chance I get to might Dion breath I will defender, what these noble people do and see that and to watch them drag through the mud in many ways it sort of a metaphor, for the year we've seen as we've seen a lot of good people right through them but this year and alot allies in a lot of distortion and it's in which maddening, let's like the mood couple minutes we'll talk to someone who may or may not be the actual Hillary Rodham plenty of put a smile on your face on a Friday, like Gallagher show stay with us, we're here , the answer twelve sixteen answer, if you are over the age of shifty and considering buying in annuity and the next sixty days on halves emergent news for you don't Brian annuity and still you understand the pros and cons of annuity is a free book to help you maximize your retirement and come from P.B.S. host and three time author Josh Melbourne, he's been released their spoke reveals a little known truths about annuity Strategies in simple to understand terms grab a pen right now because we're about to offer you this free booklet on locks the five little known secrets we believe baby Boomers and senior should know before buying in annuity call eight hundred nine six seven twenty-four twenty-four now. Now to get your personalized copy rush to you Today do we want to avoid mistakes baby Boomers and seniors can make when they buy into a tease those mistakes now could be costly later to you and your family, call eight hundred nine six seven twenty-four twenty-four that's eight hundred nine six seven twenty-four twenty-four employees of J.T. Melbourne financial have the appropriate licenses for the products they offer, Dallas, now I checked on the road tear live to the belly between ten worth Avenue in The Baltimore Washington Parkway an accident watched the left lane it's G.M. Jeff from were one in College Park three ninety-five northbound fourteen Street clear the crash they're still somebody in from Washington Blvd, three ninety-five northbound slows often on from Duke streetwear King Street express lanes northbound of the valet between the Southern termina some Branick road actually just cleared out of the way there, two ninety-five G.M.'s of southbound from Burrows now they just past the Capitals three, the New York Avenue and bounce running so often on from Snuffy can avenue to laden Spring road, , Accu Weather forecast mostly sunny less human today high eighty-three patchy clouds tonight low sixty-nine then tomorrow mostly cloudy becoming breezy late afternoon showers might eighty windy with heavier rain Saturday night is the remnants of tropical storm Army in pass by Sunday cloudy breezy a couple of showers possible high eighty-one, right now and Washington Sunshine and seventy one degrees, Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixty the answer. we all are morning eggs whereas O.'s guards right here, it is the Shawn handed the morning minute to one day after which the league said they have a bombshell in terms of information on Hillary Clinton and Julian assault revealed the Fox News they will be releasing more Clintons emailed put for the election and he calls them significant conjures announcement comes on the heels of recently released twenty e-mails by both, with the League's and citizens United revealing the crooked dealings of Hillary Clinton apart Foundation and of course, herself some of the highlights the would be league email show that it was pilloried Bill Clinton want to cozy up the wladimir put into offense together that isn't United revealed that Hillary's email showed that she knew first base department staffers for working directly with the points Foundation despite Dirk promising otherwise somebody other bomb shells about Hillary happy released before, she season orange jumped to the Shawn ahead of the show from call a step goes, later today, I'm Governor Gary Johnson and it was in the United States, we've was buzzing like sixty percent of you I'm not impressed by the two parties system it's a dinosaur, it's out loaded and no longer reflects today's America, two party politics doesn't work minute has worked for anybody but itself in decades, if we that people are wise we'll never again elected another President from within the entrenched corrupt to watch the two parties system, the officer president should serve the needs of everyone equally with respect. And with parents, I did it as Governor all do it as president, Google, sixty percent of you've ever said to one another choice in two thousand sixteen, and now you have one in me, we've the people had a chance to do something in two thousand sixteen of may not come around again in our lifetimes, we have a legitimate chance to elect one of our own the highest office and online, Eric again, Johnson , Twenty Sixteen, paid for by Gary Johnson Twenty Sixteen it started at Duncan night a little Tacoma throw to Sandra then comes Collin partially to seal that cost that's the flu and then it spreads to Edmonton Whitey DeMar injury when it comes to your door you will be answering because you that got through shot at Rite Aid per they care about you and your Health so while they're seeing doctors and slender fevers you'll be teaching your granddaughter that to get shuffle, hunter suffered righted fourths to make if you're over sixty-five the C.D.C. recommends flew an among the shots nope women's necessary and every with Medicare Part B. Rite Aid without its personnel to that season, surprise last interested in sublime some State see from cifra decaf This is the Mike, sixteen, are, , holy cow it's been, I'm in the Red the knot the days your racking up your with Hillary Clinton not having a press conference I think it's one thousand nine hundred and seventy six days and she's . Face to reporters question in an open it's been a bad week for Hillary Clinton amuse no question Donald Trump, narrow in in the polls all the media coverage about his trip to Mexico and you know his speech in Phoenix and controversy a balanced, but what about Hillary she's been, very almost almost M.R.I. I mean just a little bit of partying in the Hamptons a speech of the American Legion that's about it, we're very very pleased to be able to three some, real real tough legwork for more friend Ryan Wittman out in Los Angeles in the morning answer to track down someone who may or may not be the actual Hillary Rodham Clinton misses Clinton are you there, one, open, I'm always trevone, it's thrown by that, and that voice misses click it's nice to catch up with you how are you man, or going through water, all three , well I thank you so very much misses clicking less, and then F.M. at first observe you your Charlotte your voice is a little bit scratching at this sounds like you might have a little bit of a cold, , print, off Court, moreover yes, we missed media, one, all, four, corporate, , but, he went there, eight, you can form, , they can, , no one hope one more yet, you'll all be plenty it is or somebody with youth is is his nearby, more, one, you just let you are and she's but she's always nearby right. , being intern, when you've been looking for is here Washington's am twelve sixteen answer, , finding a text battle right now dijo ten thousand or more in back taxes either personal or business, of a bank levy you're a wage garnishment or years of unfiled tax returns don't want fight this fight alone, you need people in your corner, professionals you need tax attorneys and rolled agents attacks professionals who know the language or the I.R.S. to know how to negotiate did not to protect you most of all they know you're right unique rapid resolution tax group if you owe a lot in back taxes if you have a bank levy a wage garnishment or years of unfiled tax returns, Don't panic reach out to rapid resolution tax group, the Mccollum eight hundred two eight oh ninety-five ninety-five could be the most important number your right down all day eight hundred two eight oh ninety-five ninety-five they know how to protect you there never intimidated by the I.R.S. and they know how to how to head out the kid on your behalf rapid resolution tax group call eight hundred two eight oh ninety-five ninety-five eight, hundred two eight oh ninety-five ninety-five, welcome to the Jesus calling daily radio devotion on today's answer reminds us when we feel anxious about tomorrow we can now that our future belongs to guide, rest in the might child, give your mind a break from planning and trying to anticipated what will happen for a continually asking my spirit to take charge of the details of this day remember that you are on a journey with me when you tried appearing to the future in plan for every possibility you know where your constant Companion who sustained moment Beimel.