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Listen: "Why is Duke getting to the Sweet Sixteen"

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Justin K. Aller
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The team patch but I got it interesting court of the bracket here then it they're really thought about I probably over total to be and that isn't the East alright and it is the or it starts with Wisconsin Pittsburgh I know with he's had a year of overachievement you know the way the way their season started you coaching mean Bowl Ryan totally different system guard gets the job these is done very well the cup the really good teams but I don't believe in incomplete that I can but I've gotten beating pit got unbeaten pit the next game below that they've got a good sink your beaten Weber state but I was that Xavier beaten Whisky member I called the Xavier went over Nova yes with authority double digit whipping winds about a month or so ago at the Cintas Center you know that Xavier to me is the best team in the Big East I really like them and I've got I'm going four but a fumble wrong on that it's going to really bought the bottom portion of money Mike easier bubble even though I've gotten losing to West Virginia I got a win it a few games here savior I do i do i do is well I had a lot of the good in a lot of that is onus it you're biases just you're York's period you say that you call gave his not it's not as if you're to watch it on the Celts like me and everyone else you're actually in the arena and just the Big East though it just disability obviously but there's something about seeing guys up close No Doubt you know see him how physical they are and how they betting against other guys who were or attack rebounds things that major that you can't get from Cody does was also that you can see it and so it's I I took your I take your whatever emotion your thoughts about a Xavier even I don't know the well good coach exact Barry good coach and at this point is about coaching we said the same thing about do widest wise do get too the Sweet Sixteen and a lot of people brackets con automatically those get a yeah you know it did to the day coaching makes a huge difference and you have to kid the scout that when you get to this point in the college basketball season I also have seen a whole going pretty forget seat all beaten Gonzaga I got to beat Lee youth in the next round I got seat Ohl goal to Sweet Sixteen I drops the Hall after the Yeah Babby huge beating them a lot of people do they come in the minority on that I think Isaiah Whitehead is really good and I know that.