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Listen: "How are the Red Sox going to do this year?"

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Justin K. Aller
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Some are the eighties eighty-six Seine six in seventy-six none of not enough in the playoffs so there would go to make him competitive the finish last three of the last four years for sprinkled in there was a World Series championship in two thousand thirteen not all the Reds are trying to do this year I'm not as bad as last year but not that that's no you you in line with Lonnie saying about eighty fighter guys things that they have a could have a chance to make at least some in the first round of the playoffs allow Karl and as a wild card in and that's it okay yeah outings homages a plan on that end of a lineup that approaches Toronto's and they don't have a starting staff that approaches tipoff that Knox said probably figures those two teams are finished one two in American League East I'm gonna knew for the Yankees the Yankees Southern got some bullpen issues because of all the Chapman is in me up the first thirty games Alderson games of the me there for the next hundred and thirty-three gets them a lot of thirty best probably for honored seven miles an hour up the little bit asked but thrashing Andrew Miller broke his right wrist a Corsi throws left handed him tried to pitch through that so we'll see what happens if the Yankees heavily in the seventh inning they don't be tough to beat with those three Central closes that they have yeah I mean not ideally obviously they like the bullpen to be healthy but that is not the case of the moment but I I think they're lineup could be great but better than a lot of the others in the American League everybody of starting Pitching questions except for Tampa stars on concern tempers get the best Pitching but they also to me at least look like them the weakest lineup illiterate socks made the week is lineup to it as we did last year yeah Travis Shaw isn't what everybody's helping albeit in a good sixty-five game run last year but he had an OPS in the Minors last year in the six fifty range with his our our looking for nine on Brock Holt is a good utility guys in a start less feel so we'll see what happens of the Red such that baseball season this year.