Listen: "The Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and his team"

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Vaughn Ridley
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Or on the CBS Sports app lot of you listen on the tune in Radio app is well were Inside the O Reilly auto parts studio O Reilly auto parts better parts better Price's everyday will try to work and if you more of your phone calls by wanted to make sure that we hit another story that is going to sweep through the sports radio world them maybe it hasn't gotten their yads are maybe it'll be a Bigger storm once we find out the decision of the Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and his team and his front office we found out on Wednesday that the wife of Jose Reyes is declining to cooperate with prosecutors in that domestic violence case you remember that the details going back to October I believe they were on vacation other re as the Reyes is we're on vacation in Hawaii and he was arrested at the hotel for at the time allegations that he choke Gary but he shoved up against a wall the Rafter up and if he was even charge but now his wife is what they call in uncooperative witness she won't return to call the prosecutor's it was being prosecuted know why and they're not getting anything from her her testimony any type of help and so the district attorney have indicated that the case is about to be dropped I get up move forward in this particular trial it was schedule to go to trial on April fourth he played not guilty to abusing a family are household member but without her testimony they can not afford with the charges there is a two year window from what I read it and we tip she changes her mind it and to five but she wants to give or testimony and wants to move forward that they could open up the case again but in you you could tell that The attorney is disappointed they can get a hold of Jose's wife now the part that concerns us of course is the baseball there's a brave new domestic violence policy for Major League Baseball a role this Chapman was suspended thirty games to start the season he did not face charges an incident with his girlfriend at his home there was also got involved in which he fired a gun on his property eight times I believe it was in his garage she declined to press charges in anyway and so Rob Manfred did not have the benefit of a of a Charger court case but what he did have wise a conversation with our all this and The Police report whatever account that he could get and they were differing Eyewitness account that was one of the reasons why there were no charges filed but got.