Does America Need An 'Energy Independence' Day?

The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore suggests the United States should become energy independent, as, he mentions, every US president since Richard Nixon has pledged to achieve.

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I want to go to your calm which is energy independence they now and it the founders talked about, life, Brady and the pursuit of, upping as it in Roy mention energy but you are, in that and the Declaration the new Declaration of Independence, so when his energy in the and stay coming and why, well you know it I wrote this town This Week for obvious reasons and then that the idea what's that you know within five or six years, we can truly be under C.F. we can be producing more, at it that way, but we can still men by the way wicket is done about argue about built building more when belt I'm talking about using the super abundance of call it no I don't doubt that we have in this country that would be a game changer for our con I'm if we could become energy to and by the way Larry every single person it going back to Richard next that now I think you know Richard next that not, they're going back to that, I'm has that we're gonna make an average in front and we are going to be able to do that if we use our resources and I was simply make the case if we could do that first by your doctor about you know maybe six eight and million new jobs that are high and union job, number to they're talking about reducing our trade doubts that and the budget tough but it would get late raise a lot of money, in the leases on this play on board throwing, and number four associated with the big issue that Americans if they're not hot about what you much, we know that he's got throw dollars that we stand felt back and study Uribe and Iran, another countries I own this summer that goes to the ice this not works weekend start could be on the terrorist