College Basketball

Listen: "When you look at the Musketeers, is there, is that still a team that can fight for that one spot"

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Chris Covatta
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On the third Tony Daly yahoo Sports Radio yahoo Sports Radio dot com study your the night yahoo Sports Radio in as we continue to look ahead to the college football college bounce will selection Sunday but given idea where the brackets are sitting right now show the mass joins us from Bracco y dot com gives us he was taken where the brackets are heading as we look ahead to the selection Sunday how ARI Shelby Tony Arias a lot of moving a shaky not in college Bass will seemed like that every single week as of right now the Top four seeds for you are number one carry second once the Bill No third won the Virginia fourth one feet Oklahoma I let me ask you not easy veer they they lost an opportunity to hold one of those number one seeds lose in the seen Hall when you look at the Musketeers of this dessert he is still a team that can vie for that one spot yeah they could have Bank their deficit for contender you know they lost with the NAHL yesterday who's playing battered from a lock to fill down the bracket but it looked only off I'm pretty good depth they need to drop for that one we were talking about the Big twelve and shell and I'm wondering if it's a seven team and turn it conference do you see it is a seventeen turning a conference impossibly it if somebody hill from a from the bottom pretty.