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Listen: "American police officers in the city admits"

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American police officers in the city admits he stole union money to use for is on purposes tear in randle wilson no relation to the former ferguson officer wilson pleads guilty to nine counts of wire fraud in saint louis federal court the forty two year old wilson and mets he stole more than eighty thousand dollars in money from the ethical society police using the live in part to fun his business promoting comedy shows with nationally known comedians of local nightclubs he is agreed to a judgment of eighty thousand dollars plus anderson render his law enforcement certification formal sentencing for wilson is set simmer twelfth kevin killing news radio eleven twenty kmox alisa north saint louis county have a better idea of who they're looking for in last week's bombs garrett molina lament three scoreless surveillance camera captured a slender black man wearing dark clothing and alike colored bucket had walking toward the school's front do worse than quickly walking away as the first small explosion occurred causing minor damage the regional bomb in arson unit detonated the other device found which was non upon the fbi is offering up to a five thousand dollar award for information leading to the suspects arrest you can see the video at kmox dot com.