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Bass Hair Brush Company Is 'A Leading Designer And Innovator Of Professional Brushes'

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tell us a little bit more, good morning Jodie how you today doing great tell us about pass rushers in general Scherzer well for thinks are coming back, and pass for almost forty years we've been the leading designer an innovator, professional pressures on the people side so it was really just a matter of translating that level of expertise and refined static over to the Pats signed and the result has been phenomenal line of professional grooming pressure's off some I know the founders of the company were parents die less to riser at the family business and that's, an important fact note as well and we're all professional hairstyle, very cool now this impression particular that you told me about that I thought was really cool and very different and new guys have the patent Ana tell us about that Paschke corrects we were awarded several us hadn't last year while it's really interesting because you typically don't associate a brush with new technology but in this case when we originally came up with the design D.E. engineers told us it couldn't be done with current manufacturing techniques now since we knew it would deliver secure, sought out we actually developed new tooling to create will be called the past fusion Groomer and it's really the most advanced design, for creating a beautiful shining coat nineteen briefly explained how it works yeah tell us great so when it comes to conditioning precious were really talking about natural for bristles at the Board bristles that capture, and distribute the natural Boyle Slick give such a radiant shine, the problem is bore bristles by themselves are not rigid enough on their own to penetrate medium to long hair coached the catch just the top of layer for so you need to use it to tangling brush first that's why often you see in pet stores a double sided rush one side has bore bristles for polish ring and the other side has metal Callaway or some other type of region, and I've seen Perfect well bounces the first brush designer to combine and how Lloyd in with a natural board bristles in separate sections but on the same brushed past so it's combining to functional uses of both types of rushes into an extremely useful and effective product, that sounds really interesting, I know four with our dogs we use of his rush and, yes it's great for getting out the tangled but I didn't think about that it's not really stimulating the skin, which leads to have been so this seems like a wonderful very easy solution because we'd love to have things online, who has time for you know going over three different rushes to brush are gone that's a great way to say it in relief provides a triple coming action it's like combining several different types of rushes, into one products so it's a lot easier for wonderful you going to be able to see pictures of this product the fusion brush on the bark and swagger page of the Pat life radius site and I didn't have to try and thank you so much, thank you very much have a great day you too, sure rocking through the English a French country side with your job you not really going to be wearing some Philly for Froome I mean you could but when it be better to be wearing some country inspired,