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Listen: Why they were be pressure either his win in the Super Bowl the past two years I mean if he hasn't off game

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Christian Petersen
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Vikings at night impedes has a bad back and an he's gonna be what and who degrees outside so he's gonna be cold and Steph but the water is it really for you know whatever you wanna call a prime time to beat a guy that's gonna throw the ball 40 times in in in the league this team the victory against the number two defense in the National Football League Sarah at the Vikings are going to win it's going to be on the back of Adrian Peterson has hampered is it is right now what about the converse what about Russell Wilson who's got a change the way he's perceived Ellis who will know about Russell storm No one of Ebola what you're about that'll see that happened at the end but I don't see why they were be pressure either his win in the Super Bowl the past two years I mean if he hasn't off game I think he's still better tech did by his defense what's been playing great over the last eight weeks nine weeks so it's not even you know I I I don't I don't I don't see why he has pressure I think he's been be most relax they he could possibly be in right now he's been playing great football the last Seven weeks eight weeks or so twenty-four touchdowns the water steps in the ball boiled as a Marines and two eight eighty-eight store receiver form they may get more Charlotte back it looks like they're gonna get more Charlotte back so it could be beast mode and in Seattle all fans as usual so I don't I don't feel pressure for Russell Wilson laying the because the successes He's already had an effect and I expect them to do iSIS handily against the Minnesota Vikings team who's got the most a game that got a name for the Chiefs and I think it's Kerr cousins really yeah I think it's Kirk I think you what I know that he's made scribes where yeah he's position himself he's entering the franchise quarterback territory maybe not there yet still must improve a few to a few critics a few detractors but imagine.