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The Ultimate Cold Case: Forensic Analysis Of A 10,000-Year-Old Mass Killing

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have we always been we're live did we inherit are violent nature's from our point median sisters or is it something that we've developed later in our history findings published in the journal nature archaeology just report the discovery of the oldest evidence of mass violence today, scandal remains of a massacre and then a curry ten thousand years ago on the shores of like to common in present a Kenya Monica power is a research fellow and McConnell Institute for argue logical researcher department dove archaeology and apologies and the university Of Cambridge she helped analyze the fossil ice killings found that the side welcome to Science Friday that power. Thank you so much higher it's a great pleasure no you're welcome tell us about this I was what was found there, so I decided called not who and eighteen West economy in Kenya and at the site we found at least twenty eight individuals entice or and is demographic range and range of people that will sound, and among fight young children one teenage 21 I don't and one, and twenty eight individuals we found that sound is a guy on very and we see a broad evacuated in and anaconda, area unusual position and all that. And that's the, most violent Tomas Cindy all Mission Bay shows signs are being killed some some clubs some club do what kind of ways did they die, so I'm a dog and I kind of deletion is the kind of thing we can injuries that we've seen on the skeleton suggest that they were at least three different type, that may have been using this attack Iraq and, we've seen that my has been Stein tip and shop like arrow, protect I'll and we'll in my has been caught that we used to, and don't actually a not so what calling up close proximity with something else that would have been held in the Hen. I can't even more terrible terrifying most right for it's possible that this close proximity went and had shop, flights that were invented that I get that extra trauma when, is this a business have the year mark of the warmer or a really gonna try that caught them on the we air, no it does seem as side I went what unaware I mean very interesting way what we extrapolate from the