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Study Finds Wearing A Fitness Tracker Probably Won't Help Improve Your Health

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Miguel Villagran
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Wearing a fitness tracker may help you keep tabs on how many step should take but it probably won't improve your health responded michael to scout out scientists that dukan us medical school in singapore tested just fit bigs it tracker in a group of eight hundred adults one group got information about exercise but no tracker a second group got the fit is it so made money for logging lots of steps after six months people with the fit bit who got cash show the biggest boast and physical activity but the higher activity didn't produce any improvements in wade or blood pressure report says trackers can encourage people to take more steps but what is needed amounts to brisk walking or more rigorous exercise i'm michael toscano maybe a jolly holiday season for retailers the national retail federation has projecting holiday sales arise more than five three and a half percent in november or december online sales of the holidays.