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Listen: "Trump suggested a scenario where there could be civil unrest"

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Joe Raedle
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Republicans are vowed to table any nominate even someone with blue chip credentials but The White House is confident public opinions on their side and pressure role forced ascended to consider the nominate Florida also ran Marco Rubio is algo High a winner John case a gravy on the rise but Donald Trump is still Republican front-runner after the latest clock should presidential primary Donald Trump won the most other gets last night but by losing here in Ohio it will be more difficult for him to get a majority before the convention on CNN Trump suggested a scenario where there could be civil one Ras too if where you know under Jewett and we're way ahead of everybody I don't think you can a that we don't get their daughter magically I think it would be I get a variety of Trump has more than six hundred double gets he needs twelve hundred thirty-seven to become the nominee Steve vitamins CBS News Cleveland from says he won't on the next schedule republican debate five days from now he says the republicans have had enough debates Hillary Clintons lead over Bernie Sanders grew wider with wins yesterday in at least four staple she won by thirty-one points North Carolina by fourteen Ohio by thirteen really extend their valiantly over Sanders and I think the issue for Bernie Sanders has always been the delegate Math I think that was made worse by her performance a CBS News senior political and a distinction Garros going to work today in the nation's capital isn't easy the DC metro isn't running at this time around prime lindor also scored on rarely ride the bosses The Saints things out I guess is to see added that it down the entire system the second biggest in the country has been shut down for inspections the spot potential fire hazard a beast Texas the hazard his high water flooding from a swollen Sabine river is the worst anyone can recall some people had to be removed from their homes by bold Arnold Snowden has Sam bags and he's not going anywhere going to risk then try to savor what we data parts of mid west are reeling from the effects of powerful wins Tami booed Wells mobile home park in Clinton Iowa took a beating the return down right next to ninety almost one neighbor's Carr was spacing consumers live Ants Tony by injury another name earned his get damaged her card from maturing fan watchers expect policy makers to hold interest rates steady had a meeting that wraps up later today ahead of the opening bell on Wall Street S And P Futures.