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Listen: "Who have played in baseball, in basketball, in hockey, and football for years"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Coming up this is not the Atlanta Falcons are about and it's not how we're going to conduct ourselves now obviously in our country you can not an internet legal it's not illegal to discriminate based on you know Reyes religion sexual are going to be a interview question it can't although they ask you this if you're trying if you're investing millions of dollars in the first round draft choice and I have no idea this is just a question to be were planning ask any everybody whatever or they had her rumors about this Michael Sam situation before he can I don't know but if you know your locker room and maybe you have a bunch of players who you know are and I shall we say phobic yeah well that's who are just not comfortable with having gave he nature are something like that is it that out of line two asked that type of the question when you are investing in your team and you know the makeup of your TB isn't got out of why there have then gay players who had not been openly to rack who have played in baseball the ball in hockey and football for eight years and everybody in the locker room was fine and nobody was costs it or tried to Red Rover ever overcome over to my gave him on the reserves you so it's a person who are nine and should be on a have played Red Rover that's one person it's not openly gay to their employer even in the case of football it is not your job to try and help them because it's been totally fine for years and years that they've been able to heal locker room without screwing everything up with Michael Sam case he was the outlet out gay and his teammates in college didn't have a problem with it right and they were totally fight in the locker room I know it's against a lot how you to stand then the Falcons should be pissed but I I look at it like maybe a little art archaic but he's a lit up the right word that you know it's football and maybe because I knew I wanted no as a coach you probably coaching he's guy but I The Bears there may be some problems than I need to know about down the road and how to prepare for that situation just and just due diligence and I think that's we're going trouble study you said one phrase right there which is the problem it's what it's football I mean so why why would why should that be different now and that that's that speaks to so much of What's wrong with football from they had injuries to the the bullying the takes place in the locker room today Hey using the takes place at all levels of football the expectations of playing three injury it's football.