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Listen: "Out of the four teams, Villanova was the one tonight"

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Streeter Lecka
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Know lettering as an which I don't like the hole during the basketball but that the Bengals don't but that's not a good percentage so that they were able to we want it is it is it is the only one tonight and of the four teams bill O moving was the only one to do home North Carolina and his who was not a good three point shooting team to begin with shot twenty-three in the half percent Syracuse shot thirty-two percent from talk about from three point land forty-one percent as a whole North Carolina it fifty-four percent but he would take into consideration most to shop for about six inches away we know Scott saying yes there and I think that we got spanked by a team that is on fire not playing North Carolina better looking impaired because Dillon Mel by thanks gonna one Cleveland the Isles NL all knots are right now I think you want to know these brother I D North Carolina when his game Monday night but the way right now I D North Carolina wins and I think they wind blown away down the stretch I see a ten to fifteen point win for North Carolina I just exist there's too much size all inside down low for North Carolina between Bryce Johnson the intensity Neeson Jackson in page Kim hit some outside shots early in this game along with Berry and then you have Johnson into Jackson cleaning up stuff down low on the boards I was that he could be a long might actually Grigor mobile and they haven't forbid chance who gets him any kind of foul trouble Oliver Rilla Look the You Can you know you can back to backs right there I just think there's too much size down low from North Carolina I know no movement wind another mine during a pick the right time year did the hot assured Jimmy or I get it mucho so many weapons so many ways they can beat you and I don't think they will be rattled by the defense when we saw that when sir if you try to press them we saw how North Carolina and Lou it as opposed to how Virginia and gives out of it there was a question we have to be in for a reporter but bought depressed and why he didn't try freshmen early to get back to the game we will here in June Jim Bay rhymes response to that question.